Friday, June 26, 2015

What is wrong with this writing prompt?

            When it comes to writing topics, several sensible elements have to be regarded with a lot of concern, the most important of which is motivating individual critical creativity. For this reason some crucial details have to be considered meticulously to be the maximum open to all categories of testes, for example

(1) The gender divide
Girls’ and boys’ generally diverge in personal interests and capabilities. Talking about equal opportunities means being careful about the topics for writing tests
- Describing a football match (boys are good at that)
- How to make an apple-pie (girls are great)
(2) Cultural particularities (food, marriage, clothes, footwear etc)
(3) Geographic locations (city life Vs country life)
(4) Social classes (Describe a tour with a Ferrari / a trip by plane / How do you like Caviar? etc)
(5) Avoiding polarizing topics
(6) Not too tight and narrow nor too broad topics.
(6) etc.

With such topics, we must be very careful especially with writing assignments for a wide range of candidates from different regions, with different customs, economic status and gender, and also with different inclinations and capabilities. Any small deviation can be fatal for a great number of candidates, and will shake the right of equal opportunity. Therefore, proposed topics for writing tasks should take a lot of various details into account.

Someone may think this is overstatement because all that the candidate needs to do is to write with correct English. If this is the way they view writing assignments, I am sorry to say it but they don’t know what they are meddling with.

Now, this is the topic proposed (imposed) for 2ème Bac. Scientific streams in the writing section of the first session English exam (June 2015)

The Topic

Your friend doesn’t use facebook. Write an email telling him/her about the advantages of using this social network.

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