Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Present Perfect Tense for EFL learners


"Nothing is "perfect" even the so called perfect tenses"

            The present perfect tense is particularly confusing for learners of English as a foreign language from various angles. All the English tenses describe actions in relation to the time of their happening or their position in the sequence of events in the past, the present or the future. Only the present perfect tense doesn't really seem to abide by this rule. It is vague for speakers of other languages as it describes actions or events as having happened before the moment of speaking and no more details after that.

           Because it is vague, the present perfect needs too many details to make itself comprehensible and all those details have to be taken into consideration for authentic natural communication. Teaching the tense to speakers of other languages has to be approached carefully. This paper will try to present one way for teaching this tense with almost all its features.

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