Thursday, October 22, 2009


Hi everybody,

         Any one believing that digital learning is still not necessary has gone far in ignorance. On the contrary, technology has imposed itself as a reliable means of communication able to foster learning especially for this generation who rely roughly on digital gadgets in their daily lives. Most of them use Television programs, DVD players, and mobile phones to name only a few. Therefore using technology in teaching is not a privilege; it is rather a must to bridge the gap.

         This generation looks very bored in conventional classrooms and this is normal. We generally can not use old tools to fix sophisticated machines, hence the absurdity of using old methods to teach these students who were born in a new era where our old methods are completely outdated and inappropriate.

        However, teens and the new smart technological devices do not match when it comes to communication. It's the grown-ups' duty to supervise the excessive use of chat-language they're almost used to. The supervision is not an easy task, no doubt, still it is not impossible. It should be smooth and gentle so as not to have incurable side-effects.

       The 21st century learners are about to invent their own dialect for communication. If they do not draw a line between texting language and formal standard language they'll face trouble with their studies.

   To be continued ...


  1. Yeah that's true. This blog makes it evident. Thank you for reminding us.

  2. If we are already in the future, I wonder what next?! Where are we going?! In the fog of digital Technology we can no longer see where we are going; Let's wait until the fog dissipates and then we resume the journey unless the toxicity of the fog has spoiled our sense of direction..